Photo Friday: Goth Girl





Some renovations use paint and saws and ladders; my current renovation requires scissors and dye. Usually such a project requires months of planning. Mine took about two minutes. The other night Mario and Edwin, the wizards of glam, called and asked if I’d be willing to model for a hair event they’re doing in December. Knowing if I said yes I would be ceding all control over what was about to happen to my scalp I took about two seconds to say, “sure, whatever you want.”



What you see above is phase one, The Color. I spent the better part of yesterday afternoon having various chemicals applied to my head while I caught up on my reading and the NY Times crossword. What emerged from the fumes was a cool, funky red with just of hint of ¬†dark ¬†gothish undertones. Having never gone through a goth phase in my teenage years I’m kind of chuffed to have one now.




In two weeks comes phase two, The Cut. Though there is a plan in place, Mario has told me nothing except that he’s going to do something crazy. I’m viewing it as a growth opportunity to exorcise my control freak demons. Stay tuned for the big reveal.





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  1. Ellen Ciompi says:

    There must be something in the air…..I, too, just had 6″ of long blonde hair cut off, and the remaining bob dyed a deep copper! When you post your photo, I’ll send you before and after shots of me, too!

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