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LA was lovely, it was warm and sunny, I walked on the beach, ate tons of fresh veggies and concentrated completely on work. Absolute Heaven! Returning to an, as yet, delayed spring, a thousand undone domestic tasks and a space in the calendar before my next projects kick into gear brought on a serious case of post-gig ennui.  I allowed myself a day or two to wallow in my own crapulence, and then decided it was time to force my tuchus back into gear. Not so easy when you’re feeling creatively depleted and buried under a mountain of mundane tasks.



Into the void comes Danielle Krysa’s (AKA the Jealous Curator) new book Creative Block. She interviews fifty visual artists about their work, facing their inner critics and how they deal with creative droughts. At the end of each interview there is an exercise from the artist to get your creative mojo going again. It’s a gorgeous book, the art alone is enough to inspire. Add the interviews and exercises and it’s a feast for any artist no matter your medium.



I am champing at the bit to try some of the exercises, but as I was going through the book I thought how wonderful it would be to gather a group of people together to work through the exercises.Then meet to show our work and discuss the results. Then I thought about coordinating schedules, deciding on meeting times and places, and who will provide the snacks and I had to put my head down on my desk for a while.



Then I realized that living in a technologically advanced age meant that I didn’t have to do any of those things. I could start a virtual Creative Support Group that wouldn’t be bound by distance or time restrictions. So I’m issuing an invitation to all my artistic friends out there be you performers, visual artists, or artistically curious, to join my happy band.



Here’s how it will work. We’ll put together a private Facebook group and once a month I’ll chose one of the exercises from the book. You’ll work on it in your own space and time and then share your pics and thoughts on the experience with the group. The group is a “secret” Facebook group meaning that anything that is posted is only visible to those in the group, although, I’d like to do a summary post every month on this blog sharing some of our work and thoughts about the exercise. Don’t worry though, I’ll only publish those ideas and snaps that you give me permission to share with a wider audience. While the exercises in book are geared towards the visual arts most can be easily adapted to singers, musicians and actors. The only prerequisites for the group is that you be interested in exploring your creativity and are willing to share your thoughts with like minded people in a kind and supportive way.



If you’d like to participate send me a note through the Contact page of this site, or message me through Facebook.







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