Every Outfit Tells a Story




October 11




I’m not a fashion blogger, and I really have no desire to be one. This is not to say that I don’t enjoy and respect fashion bloggers. There are many I read every day, and I am constantly inspired by their posts. But for me, it’s not quite the right fit. I’m more interested in clothes as an outer expression of my inner self rather than what’s “on trend”. I feel that the clothing we choose to put on every day tells a story. Sometimes it’s deliberate. There are mornings when, before I get dressed, I think about where I’m going, what I’m doing, and what message I want to send by my outfit.  Then there are other times when I’ve got a thousand things to do and I quickly throw something together. No matter what, there’s always a story and that’s what I’m going to spend some time writing about occasionally in this space.



When I was six my top three career choices were singer, actress, or fashion designer. To be a fashion designer you had to be able to draw, and try though I might, I could barely manage basic stick figures. In high school, during the set design section of my drama class, the fact that I couldn’t draw a straight line WITH a ruler was a source of endless consternation to Miss Greb, my drama teacher. So, possessing no drawing ability whatsoever and even less straight line perception I concentrated on  becoming a connoisseur of beautiful things. Cultivating the ability to put an outfit together was my way of compensating for my lack of design skills.




October 15




On the surface the outfit in this post is nothing special. There was no occasion, I wasn’t trying to say anything with it. It’ s just the type of thing I put on that makes me feel pretty, and wears well over the course of a long day. And yet, if you take the individual elements – denim shirt, lace skirt, shiny sparkly statement necklace, and stiletto heeled booties – it really does clue you in on something pretty elemental in my life. Looking at the list of items in isolation you’d think that these are things that just won’t fit together, but put together in the right way they do. If I have a philosophy of life or music it is the belief that labels and genres don’t matter. I love taking things that on the surface wouldn’t seem to go together and blending them to form a new whole. I do it with music, with parties, and with my clothes. There’s always the element of danger in that my novel combination may explode into one great big mess, but that’s the fun of it. I learn something new even from my great big messes. Especially from my great big messes. Sometimes the big idea isn’t inventing something entirely new, it’s taking a few something olds and putting them together in a new way that brings real innovation. And there it is, my philosophy of life, clothing, and music in one little blue outfit.





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